Here’s to the smallest steps

I’ve been home for a few weeks now, but I can feel it creeping up on me. Soon it’ll be full blown and out of control. This desire to get up and go, to see new things, meet new people, and eat amazing new foods. This wanderlust.

Northern Alberta was truly amazing. It was an experience of a life time, and I was able to shake myself up and get moving once again. We all fear being stationary for too long, as if we’ll seize up like Dorothy’s Tin Man. The truth is, we’ll be just fine. As long as we continue to move forward, take steps, however small they may be.

When my father died I feared I had lost the desire to wander anywhere. After completing my Bachelors degree I came to a screeching halt. He passed away days after I had completed my final exams, and it seemed to cause my mind, body and soul to simply say, “This…this is enough.” So I worked at a call center and floated through both Autumn and Winter of that year, none the wiser.

When Spring approached, it was as if something snapped. I glanced back at the previous months and was shocked to realize I forgot to be present, in my own life! I decided instead of feeling sorry for myself, I would do something about it. I completed my TESL, drove across the country with some friends, and gave myself a proper slap across the face. So often are we driving down the highway that is life and realize, “Damn…I think I left me at a rest stop some 50km back.”

We never go back, we never turn around and decide, “Hey, that rest stop was actually pretty swell. I think I’ll stay there for a few months longer.” When we do we risk toppling over entirely. But if it so happens, as it has to me, that you rest for a bit too long, or end up toppled over, we can start again.

I’m on the verge of completing my teaching degree now and feel the wanderlust setting in once again. China, Japan, Africa, Alberta? Who really knows. What I do know is this, we can be lost, we can wander without even realizing it, but remember as long as we move forward, we are headed somewhere.

Here’s to the smallest steps, here’s to whatever comes next.


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