Days 27 – 33: When the going gets tough

I’m an animal lover, and have lived in a house full of animals of all sorts for as long as I can remember. I believe adopting from a shelter or pound is definitely the way to go. Being in northern Alberta on my own was getting lonely, so I decided to foster a dog from the local shelter. After much thought, I became the proud foster-parent of a husky/German shepherd cross named Macy. Now, don’t get me wrong, fostering a dog is a wonderful idea. She keeps me company, snuggles with me at night, and is the perfect companion for a morning walk. Unfortunately she enjoys eating things she probably shouldn’t, and honestly it’s an issue I have never encountered with a dog before. It began with tablecloths, garbage, and the occasional lip balm. Last night it progressed to my fancy, new Nike sports band that was only ever taken off to get a shower or wash the dishes. I thought at first it must have been a mistake, but then I realized it is most certainly out of spite. I’m horrible at punishing animals, any advice?

Teaching has been both amazing and stressful all in the same breath. I put a lot of work into preparing lessons and thinking of new ways to interest my students. Yet we all know things don’t always go as planned and sometimes shit happen. All of the outbursts and classroom management issues have taught me even more so that I need to choose my battles, and never EVER underestimate your students. Even when you think you have them figured out, prepare to be shocked! Even though I’ve had my share of headaches and points where I have to use my “teacher voice,” I love it up here. A kid asked me, “Why do you even want to be a teacher?! You just get yelled at all the time!” I’d be lying if I responded with some heartfelt response of how I always dreamt of educating young people, cause that would be a lie. Honestly, I’m still trying to figure it out.

Everyday I seem to stumble upon another hidden gem in this wondrous place. I have been struggling with some health issues since arriving here in January, but the fact I get to get out and explore when I’m feeling better makes it even more exciting. I stumbled upon a magpie hopping around in the snow on my way home last week. For anyone who has never seen one, they’re worth looking into. Not only are they gorgeous birds, but they are also extremely intelligent (the only bird to recognize themselves in a mirror!). I also realized that Bear Necessities, the store run by students at HLPS, sells comics and tons of amazing video game and nerdy merchandise. I can see quite a few purchases there in the future.

Overall these past few weeks have been insane. I’m trying to update as often as possible, and since my health issues are clearing up I think it will be a lot easier now. This weekend I am heading down to Calgary with Jake and Sandi before Teacher’s Convention. I’m hoping to see lots of new things and get to poke around Calgary before heading to Edmonton on the following Wednesday to attend the convention (and hit up West Ed!). It’s hard to believe the first month of my three month internship has ended. I look back on everything that has happened and am shocked by how fast time flew by. I can’t wait to keep teaching my kids, have more cooking and art adventures with them, and especially explore new places. I just wish time would stop moving so fast and let me soak up as much as I can these next two months.

Here’s to the end of my first month as an intern, here’s to whatever comes next!


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