Day 24, 25, and 26: The perks of being an adventurer (Road trip to GP!)

After a hectic week of teaching, I was relieved to travel to Grand Prairie for the weekend. Jake and Sandi came to spend the night on Friday, where we had some much needed conversation and relaxation. Saturday morning we hit the road for Grande Prairie, the closest “big town” to High Level.  Roughly five hours South of High Level, the drive consisted of endless prairies and countless cow farms(all of which saddened me, they look SO similar to bison!). We arrived around lunch time, checked into the Super 8, and went shopping. It turns out having 5% tax instead of 14% makes a world of a difference. I was lucky to catch some amazing deals (Got me some Converse!) and even get the chance to eat at the Wok Box there(Ginger beef is THE best).

Sunday we had the chance to browse the local Costco. It was awesome to get the chance to stock up on things you spend a little more on up in High Level. Back home I drink tap water, when I lived in Germany I drank tap water, practically everywhere I have visited/lived…I have drank the tap water. There is something about High Level’s tap water that gives me the heeby jeebies. It looks gross, it smells gross, and it most certainly tastes just as foul. I realized within my first week that I was not going to be able to drink straight tap water for the next three months. Therefore a trip to Costco meant purchasing two large crates of water (a total of 64 bottles). Hopefully it will last me the next two months!

I was delighted to learn that Grande Prairie has their very own Pizza 73. For those who have not been lucky enough, or graced with the delicious and tantalizing tastes of Pizza 73, add it to your bucket list. They make the best pizza I have ever had the pleasure of tasting. Their donair pizza, dear lord. Thinking about it makes my mouth water and head fill with thoughts of eating nothing but Pizza 73 during my trip to Calgary and Edmonton in February. I will make sure to include photos in the future for reference.

I had hoped  to get out and do some trail walking and maybe even some jogging while in Grande Prairie, but unfortunately the snow was in the process of melting, and everything was ice and mud. Not my favorite two things to run in. Therefore the majority of our trip down to GP was spent shopping, deciding where to eat out, and discussing how our internships were going. I am happy to say we all have great things to report (albeit some not so great thing as well).

Being positive has always been extremely important to me, and at times very hard. I realize as someone who interacts with young people on a daily basis, for the majority of the day, it is especially important for the outside to be just as positive as the inside (and some days, fake it if you have to!) Having a positive impact on the lives of those you surround, regardless of how long your presence is for, is crucial. After studying the Six Pillars of Self Esteem with my grade seven PLS (practical living skills) class, I did a lot of thinking. Self-acceptance is so important, and how you carry and portray yourself in front of young minds is SO very important. As a teacher, I want to be a good role model. Heck, even just as a person, I want to be someone that young minds can look to and draw from. Be positive!

Here’s to being positive, here’s to whatever comes next.


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