Day 17 to 23: Time flies

I need to remind myself to not let these posts sum up too many days. The point of this writing exercise is to force myself to write about my day, regardless of how hectic things get. It turns out things get pretty crazy for teachers, so here goes to catching up.

I’ve begin to understand what they mean by teachers needing to have a thick skin. My students are amazing, but everyone has a bad day(and teachers just happen to sometimes end up in the crossfire).

I had my first (and hopefully last) sick day of my internship yesterday. There has been this nasty flu going around that is hitting students and teachers alike. Attendance has been horrendous. I was lucky enough to get a taste of it Wednesday and then suffer through it. I realized how bored I was at home without screaming children beating each other with water bottles. I’m sure I’ll appreciate those days as time goes on, but I just wished I was in school.

This coming Monday, January 26 (also Matt’s birthday, yay!) I will be picking up Macy. I was pleased to get the call yesterday that I will be the proud foster mommy of a beautiful Husky/German shepherd mix that was dropped at the pound not too long ago. She is a timid girl with a big personality. I’m over the moon excited to have her around the house to keep me company.

My cooperating teacher, who is a real treat to watch in action in a classroom, is on a fitness regime to improve her health. She is a constant inspiration and I continue my own fitness regime a great deal thanks to her. Today for their physical activity, we had the kids do pilates with us. It was my first time and an absolute work out! I think I’ve found what I want to pursue next in the realm of fun and fitness. What an absolute blast!

I’ve talked about the sky here and just how beautiful it is. With all it’s colors and alternating appearances, you can get lost in it. While leaving school the other morning to shop for supplies, I caught a glimpse of the sun rising and thought I would snap a photo on my phone. It does it no justice, but I made sure to include it.

Here’s to writing at least a post a week, here’s to whatever comes next.

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