Day 8, 9 and 10!: The seven wonders of Northern Alberta

I wish I could keep my list of wonderful things I have discovered in Northern Alberta to lucky number seven, but that would be doing the North a great injustice. The truth is, time flies when you’re busy being amazed by your surroundings. I know these three months will disappear and before I know it I’ll be on a plane heading back to Newfoundland. As much as the idea of heading home excites me (no sarcasm intended, you can take the girl out of the bay but you can never take the bay out of the girl!), I want to see and learn as much as I can about the North. It has always seemed so distant and other-worldly to me, now that I’m living it I’d be stupid to not try and keep track of it. Blogs and photos help, so I’ll capture all the wonders of High Level and wherever life takes me up here.

Friday I finished my first week at the school. I felt silly and sheepish as I said goodbye to my students and wished them a good weekend. I can tell when April rolls around I’m going to wish I could take them all back home with me and teach them there.

Friday night I got to hang out with some really great teachers from the school and just relax. We played some Magic, watched some video games, and had lots of laughs. I’m grateful to have met such nice people already, ones I am excited to call friends.

Saturday morning I paid a visit to the Northern Lights Humane Society here in High Level. I got to meet all its residents (including two very friendly cats who made me miss my own back home a little less) and discuss some things with the volunteers there. I’ve decided that even though everything up here has been amazing so far, and I am excited to see what the future holds, I get lonely. The days are still rather short and it’s an adjustment going from a house full of people and animals to an empty one. I’ve decided to foster a dog as soon as they straighten away some things at the shelter. There are a few dogs I met that would make a lovely companion for the next three months, so I’m looking forward to getting the call to head back in to sign the paperwork and meet the dogs again.

I have decided to keep up on my fitness regime from back home in order to keep busy and get in shape. After a nice work out at the gym in the high school, I got to head out with two of my good friends who are interning in La Crete, a town about an hour from here. We all attend the same university and all happen to have technology education as a teachable, so we had known each other well before heading up here. It was great to get out with friends and grab a bite to eat (I had the “mushroom chicken mushroom ” at the Flamingo).

They were gracious enough to let me spend the night with them in La Crete and see what it’s all about. We arrived after the sun had gone down, and everything was closed today, so as far as sight seeing goes within town, it will have to wait. That being said, their Subway has got to be the fanciest I have seen (since when does Subway have a café?). It is a clean town that seems rather quaint. We happened to catch the grocery store before it closed Saturday night and we wandered around in an attempt to hear any low German. Unfortunately the majority of people seem to be rather soft spoken or private about their business, so I didn’t hear a whole lot of anything. Next time though!

On our drive out to La Crete on Saturday we kept an eye to the sky. We have all sworn to see the Northern lights, or Aurora, while we are here. We caught a small glimpse of dim green lights that lingered in the dark sky, but are hoping to see more.

The sky here is like something from a story book. It always has an assortment of colors (and that’s saying something, as a colorblind person), and as the sun sets they seem to light up and rip through the sky. Today while driving home the sky was a vibrant pink and red, like someone had lit it on fire. This is one of the many wonders of the North. The sun shines no matter how cold it gets and the sky is mezmerizingly beautiful.

Here’s to the wonders of everyday, here’s to whatever comes next.

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