Day 7: Keeping with the bear necessities.

I said I would get around to making a bear pun, well the good news is I didn’t even have to make it up myself.

Today I got to visit Bear Necessities, which is a “non-profit student-run laser engraving business” next to the high school. I was floored when I saw all of the products in the store that had been made mostly by students (frames, plaques, license plates, custom Magic The Gathering Boxes, and the list goes on!). Students use the engraver on various materials such as aluminum, wood and glass (that list goes on as well), and they can engrave words, graphics, and even photos. They work on marketing, sales, production and even have a logistics team(how freaking cool is that for high school kids?) Everyone should check them out on Facebook or Twitter. (Yup, they deserve the shout out).

After an interesting morning of English with my grade 7s, I spent the entire afternoon familiarizing myself with the technology shop (known as CST here). They have all of the latest technology on their computers and an amazing engraver and CNC machine. It took a while for me to take it all in, but I’m beyond pumped to learn more about all of the machines during the next three months. Maybe even get to engrave something!

I decided to attend a Magic the gathering club meeting after school. It has been months since I have played, but was pleased to hear it has such a following up here. There are some really amazing players from all different grades. I have trouble keeping track of all of the rules and regulations of the games so I admire those who manage to keep it all straight and play a good game.

After school I ran some errands with my roommate, Andrew. From grocery shopping to hitting up the laundromat(not having a washing machine at home sucks), the evening flew by. I realized while shopping I should invest in some vitamins and cod liver oil. I have noticed I am getting used to the cold temperatures and dryness of northern Alberta, but heck… do I ever want to sleep. I was advised to look into supplements since the little sunlight we do get during the day (I go to work in the dark and leave in the dark) is while I am in a classroom. Hopefully some good old vitamin D will help keep me awake.

Here’s to calling it a night, here’s to whatever comes next.



  1. Kayla · January 9, 2015

    You need lots of vitamin D sister (around 3000-4000 IU daily)! multi vitamin and a fish oil would also do you the world of good! Love you!


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