Day 6: Seven days to see the world, all in the same classroom.

Today I met my class.

I found out I would be teaching the same group of students the majority of my time here. My cooperating teacher, who is an absolute pleasure to observe and work with (and a Newfie!), has the same grade 7 class for all subjects. So when I’m not in the tech lab, I’m with these guys.

I was a little nervous at first. What if they didn’t like me? I would be with them until April and wanted to make it work. Well it turns out they’re amazing kids who gave me a chance from point blank(it can be difficult sometimes earning their trust or peaking their interest.) They all have an abundant and obvious desire to learn and grow, they engage with myself and the rest of the class, and above all else, they really seem to want to be there.

I spent the entire day working with them through their first English project after the Christmas break. My cooperating teacher wanted to do some PBL(project based learning, something Alberta has really been pushing for lately in schools) that would be cross curricular and that would teach them something they can use in the real world.

Today they began their “Journeys” project. They are given an imaginary budget of $6000 to travel anywhere in the world (outside of Canada and the USA) for a total of seven days. They need to book flights, rent hotel rooms, and plan out what they will do and how much it will cost them. So far it has been a great experience seeing what countries they picked and why. I am ecstatic to be with such an amazing group of students for the next few months. I cannot wait to get back in there tomorrow.

After class I had the pleasure of stopping by the robotics club meeting(as a tech teacher I should know about these things!) I met some pretty cool kids and saw some pretty neat robots being made. I think I’ll invest in some Vex models to familiarize myself with the world of robotics a little more.

Just before leaving I bumped into a lovely lady that works as a custodian for the school. It turns out she speaks German! To my delight we bantered back and forth for a little while about the differences between high and low German (she speaks low, and frankly I was surprised by just how different it is from high German.) She invited me to La Crete some time to practice my German and perhaps even learn a little low German while I’m at it.

I went to my first yoga class while in High Level. I feel my eyes getting heavier as I continue to write this. I didn’t expect it to be so tiring, but I am officially dropping. The instructor is a lovely lady who just so happens to also be a teacher at the school with me. It was a treat to see yoga taught how it should be(atmosphere considered and the time given for beginners to learn and adjust.) She made sure we all were relaxed and ready to move through the motions. We discussed the idea of having a mantra for the new year, a saying that we remind ourselves of. I have lots of ideas, but haven’t thought of the right one just yet.

I feel like I have so much to write about I end up missing so many things. The exciting part is that I am here for the next three months. Lots of writing opportunities and chances to snap some amazing photos. (Sorry Ashlee, nothing new at the moment!)

Here’s to the rejuvenating effects of yoga, here’s to whatever comes next.

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