Day 5: Didn’t your mother ever tell you to not get into cars with strangers?

Today was our second PD day. It was spent reviewing the various types of email open to the staff, and how to personalize your accounts to meet specific needs. For lunch we all hit up the Flamingo(another hotel/restaurant combo that contributes to High Levels title as “Vegas of the North”.) I had a giant breakfast platter known as the grand slam. French toast AND sausage? Yes please.

After lunch we spent the evening planning out the rest of the semester. I find it interesting (and at first very confusing) that High Level Public uses a semester system. Back home we have removed home room and classes last all year. Personally I find the semester approach more beneficial, especially for students. By switching up what they do throughout the year, it is more likely they will stay engaged. Within the semester system there are four quads (perhaps the confusing part for me?) We are approaching the end of the current quad and it will be interesting to see this kind of layout put in place. Students need change, a class an entire year long is just too long in my opinion.

I paid a visit to the local medical clinic after school. It is located around the back of the hospital and is surrounded by trees. While leaving, I snapped a quick photo of the trees behind the clinic and the evening sky(eerie yet beautiful). Have I mentioned that this place is a photographers dream?(If only I could catch some wildlife out and about!)

As I was walking home I had a car pull up along side me. I figured some poor soul had taken pity on me for walking in the cold as the sun went down. It turns out I had the pleasure of meeting a wonderful lady who had driven in from Chateh(see my previous journal on my visit to Chateh!) with her granddaughter to visit the clinic. We had the opportunity to chat about living up north, and how she is simply accustomed to the cold and dreams of one day traveling out East (how cool is that!). After explaining that I would love to learn more about the Dene Tha people, she told me I was welcome to stop by whenever I visited Chateh again. I must have looked like an absolute fool when exiting the car. I love the chance to meet new people and an offer to learn more about a different culture had me tickled pink. Needless to say, who said getting into car with a stranger is always a bad thing?

Here’s to making new friends, here’s to whatever comes next.

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