Day 4(A day late): That new school smell

Yesterday was my first day at High Level Public School (for the safety and confidentiality of all those involved, no real names will be used for teachers or any other personnel at school). I was flabbergasted by just how outstanding the facility is. The walls are adorned with art, both student and teacher made. The library is welcoming and designed to peak the interest of any student, regardless of their interests. The staffs dedication to inform their students on the importance of literacy and critical thinking is shown throughout the corridors with the placement of bulletin boards that display important facts for teens. The myths about “spit” (a type of chewing tobacco that has become more popular amongst teens here), the telltale signs of depression, and copious amounts of resources and places that teens can visit if they ever need help.

When you think about the things a school should possess, both in the physical sense and moral sense, I believe HLPS has it. There is a state of the art technology room (they even have a shop that is mostly student run and operated), where they sell things they make from metal working and the CNC machine. I have not had the pleasure of seeing it first hand yet, but when I do I am sure it will deserve a post all to itself.

They also have a fantastic theater room for drama class and a fitness room open to everyone(great to keep in shape when you don’t want to run in -30 weather).

The staff are energetic and enthusiastic. Everyone is here because they want to be, which is crucial to the atmosphere and wellbeing of the school and students. Classrooms are full of bright lights and various ways for students to work alone and collaborate with their classmates or teachers.

Honestly, I am rather floored. I cannot wait for the teaching to begin (yesterday and today are PD days, Wednesday the fun starts!) It turns out I will be tested on not only my ability to teach English and Technology Education(my focus areas) but also Science and math.

Wish me luck, numbers have never been my thing. Here’s to teaching any subject, here’s to whatever comes next!


One comment

  1. Ashlee · January 6, 2015

    I love your reading your posts! Only thing I can say is MORE PICTURES! 🙂 Your school sounds amazing – I am looking forward to seeing the student artwork from the shop 🙂


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